Concision as Necessity

No pictures for this one. I guess upon our return to Lima, we had decided we’d taken enough. I suppose if something had really jumped out at me, I would’ve snapped a shot. Nothing did, though, and that’s just alright.

We went back to 1900 Backpacker’s Hostel. Cheap, safe, and familiar. No worries there.

The food in Lima might be the best in all of Peru, in my opinion. Maybe it’s the variety, maybe we just knew where to go now. It was all so good. Papa rellena and boiled quail eggs on the side of the road; that’s where it’s at.

I finished the book I was reading and needed to find another one. It was really hard to find one written in English and I thought I’d have to wait till I got to an airport.

We got lucky, though. We walked down this random street with a bunch of those metal doors that slide down to lock up buildings. Some were half open, some all the way up. Several were bookstores. The only books in English were the “Classics”. Your Jane Austens and Charles Dickens’ of the world.

My mother, Kathryn Patricia Markoff, named me after the Jane Austen character Mr. Darcy. I never enjoyed Jane Austen when she was assigned to me in my British Lit courses in university. But it was about time I picked up Pride & Prejudice and gave it a shot.

I finished all 400+ pages by the time I was on the plane heading home the next day, and had dipped well into Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage by the time we landed (that was Teresa’s buy and she’d just finished it). Considering the book is about a travel adventure, I did not like it whatsoever. All hokey fluff, in my opinion. I’ll be skipping The Alchemist.

I really enjoyed reading about Mr. Darcy. Not arrogant, just proud. He doesn’t care too much what anyone thinks about him, so long as he’s happy with himself. I’ve gotten a lot of dubious glances upon relaying this philosophy to others in the form of self-application.

Peru was amazing, and wholly necessary for my spirit. I was choked up when I arrived. I was also happy to be heading home to bank more money for the next one, which, at the time of writing, I’ve recently returned home from.

Where to now?

18 thoughts on “Concision as Necessity

  1. I swear I used to get your posts! But now it says I’m not following you (just re-did it) and I haven’t seen anything for a while. I’ll get busy reading! Meanwhile, glad you enjoyed Lima; I’ve been there 4 times and each time I came to appreciate it more and more.

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