Another Leap

The three musketeers would disband under ordinary circumstances, considering how extraordinary our travel experiences were. The ladies and I had been journeying together for well over a month now. Teresa and myself had successfully incorporated a familial aspect to an overall life-changing getaway. And it was coming to an end, as the rest of our adventure inevitably would, too.

We caught a couple of movies during our stay in Jakarta. We watched The Frozen Ground with Nicholas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens, and John Cusack, about a psychopath living in Alaska who kidnaps and murders women in the sex trade. I’m not 100% certain as to the other movie we watched, but I’m heavily leaning towards Elysium. It came out August of that year (2013) and I know for a fact we saw it in theatres. Between the two, Elysium would have been the more entertaining for me. Just found this pic while editing which confirms it:


We’d been staying in a hotel in Jakarta that was far better than what Teresa and I would have normally selected. It was the end of Desiree’s trip and she’d felt like she’d earned an upgrade from the highly basic, sometimes questionable accommodations we’d been staying in. The room wasn’t huge, but it was very clean and relatively updated. We got free breakfast every morning, as well. I feel like only in Southeast Asia would a hotel washroom display the rules of the toilet with such vivid, universal descriptiveness…no fishing, who knew?

Jakarta toilet rules

It was from this hotel that my sister would jump into that last cab ride in Indonesia before being driven to the airport. She told me that upon her arrival at Terminal 1, she got into an argument over the fair with the driver. It’s not uncommon and rates need to be established from the get-go to avoid this type of situation, which should have been the case here. Some people will still choose to try to take advantage of an individual in that situation. I suppose that he thought he would try it with Desiree. I could have told the man ahead of time not to waste his breath.

We were all sad to part. This experience was a special one for all of us. My sister and I travelled to Dominica together in 2009, something we’d done with my parents several times while growing up. It was the first time we’d put our heads together and decided to organize our own trip. Desiree joining me in Asia was even more interesting, though. The distance itself, the fact that Asia is on the other side of the world, certainly added to it. But the way we’d chosen to live during that time, the sacrifice of that comfort we are used to in Canada, and could have whenever we want, is what I think contributed most to our personal growth. Teresa, Mary, Desiree, and I all did that together and our bonds with one another are all that much stronger because of it.

The day after Desiree hopped on a plane out of Jakarta, Teresa and I would be doing the same. We had no plans to leave Indonesia just yet, though. After weeks of arranging and organizing, Teresa and I were on our way to the jungles of Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, into the depths of Tanjung Puting National Park and one of only two areas left in the world where Orangutans still live in the wild to this day. This experience, which lasted only a few days, was one of the most exhilarating I would have in the entire six months.

borneo 1


7 thoughts on “Another Leap

  1. I’ve so enjoyed the sibling aspect of your journey. You and your sister seem very close, and that is so awesome! Having Teresa and her sister be part of the group doubles the fun! I’m sure the Three (or more) Musketeers will ride again someday!

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