ISIL cowards attack bustling Jakarta intersection

On Thursday the citizens of Jakarta became the next victims of ISIL, the cowardly terror group that believes it represents the true foundation of Islam but in fact represents nothing but hatred and utter human weakness. Amongst the confirmed dead are two civilians, one of them Canadian, and five of the attackers. In a propagandistic effort to exacerbate the results of the attack, ISIL claimed more than double the amount of deaths.

According to an al-Jazeera news report, at least six bomb blasts were heard before the gunmen arrived on motorcycles with a variety of weaponry, including long guns and grenades, which they turned on the thronging crowds. Some claim that the police in particular were the target of the attack with one report indicating that an officer was shot at point blank range with a rifle. Further, it has been claimed that the attack was planned by an Indonesian individual who travelled to Syria to train with ISIL and subsequently arranged for this particular atrocity to take place.

While five of the gunmen were killed by Indonesian security forces, at least one escaped by motorcycle before police were able to take him down.

jakarta enforcement


Above photo taken from:

The corner that was attacked is extremely busy and populated. During my stay in Jakarta back in September 2013, I visited this corner and the various shops, restaurants, and movie theatre located here. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we stayed on Jalan Jaksa, about a ten minute walk away. Teresa actually bought us a wooden spice grinder from one of the markets on the south east corner. We use it all the time and it even still has the price tag on it.

spice 1spice 2

This disgusting attack hits home with me. My heart and all of my positive energy are directed towards the people of Jakarta and those who have suffered as a result of this attack. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of avoiding travel because of the possibility of such an attack to think twice. Yes, there are some places in the world that ought to be avoided at this point in our history. Indonesia is not one them. These kinds of attacks can happen anywhere. The attack with assault weapons by a couple in San Bernardino, California is a prime example. Many more people died in that attack on American soil. Successfully inducing fear in good people is what cowards like ISIL and their affiliates want.

Don’t give in to that fear. Enjoy your life, see the world, and live with positivity. These weaklings who perpetrated the attack in Jakarta can’t do any of that, so they try to stop people like us from doing it. I’ll end it here, before I start using inappropriate language to describe how feel about them and what they’ve done to the good people of Jakarta.

8 thoughts on “ISIL cowards attack bustling Jakarta intersection

  1. I agree with you completely. We can’t give in to fear. It feeds the cowards if we do. Years ago I was in a large government building in Cairo when a bomb went off (I wasn’t hurt). That same week a bomb went off in Harrod’s in London. No one can predict the future. Use some common sense and live life.

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  2. This is not what Islam is about. Those people who have lived under the rule of the Taliban know that their rule is not the just way of the Quran but that of tyrants mad with power. We must not give in to those who want to bring the world to it’s knees.
    These people do not represent the power of Islam, they represent the power of evil. I believe in tolerance for all people but I would make an exception for these murderers and their distorted ways.We do not bend before the will of the minority.
    My sympathy to the people of Jakarta.

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  3. This is just terrible. Terrorist attacks seem to happen now weekly as there was just one attack in Istanbul. How can they even dare to say that they fight for the Islam when nothing they do has anything to do with what is written inthe Quran ?

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    • Anyone who wants to live this kind of life will find a weak excuse to do it. I think part of it is a failure of certain elements of our global society as well. Some of those turning to these kinds of actions feel like they’ve been screwed over in life and are lured in believing they’ll get everything they feel they deserve by joining up with groups like ISIL. It’s not just a war on humanity, it’s a war within our own culture with a very compelling reason to better our global social environment.


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