The Lost Day in Lima: Miraflores

I was chilling in the movie theatre on Valentine’s Day with Teresa and The Big Short was about to start. For some strange reason, a chilling thought entered my mind: I finished writing about Peru some months ago, but I think I completely missed out on covering an evening spent in Lima’s Miraflores region. I was tempted to whip out my phone and start scrolling through The Traveling Space Opera to make sure, but I stopped myself, realizing it wouldn’t make a difference at this point in time. I needed to look into it later. Indeed, I messed up: I totally forgot to cover that evening, which wasn’t overly extensive, but bright and vibrant in my memory nonetheless. Most importantly, it was a really fun night and different from anything we’d experienced in Lima as we’d kept most of our exploration to the colonial corridors of the city, near 1900 Backpackers Hostel, San Francisco cathedral, and everywhere in between. It’s time to give that lost day in Lima its due credence.

We got dressed up nicer than we ever did on these backpacking trips and hopped into a cab near our guesthouse. It was only about a fifteen minute drive before we emerged into madness. Miraflores is packed with travellers and locals alike, thousands upon thousands of people. When we’d heard and read about Miraflores, we essentially heard of the touristic side of things so it’s not a place we would tend to want to spend a whole lot of time. It’s really fun once or twice though and it’s difficult not to absorb the energy of the crowds which is overall positive.

The lights are vibrant in Miraflores and the atmosphere is undoubtedly lively. We saw more American restaurants here than anywhere else we’d visited in Peru. Hotels and casinos line a few main streets as well, adding to the neon vibrancy of things. This is evidently the most modern part of the country, where “all of the action is” as it were. We also noticed a sharp increase in the price of items that we’d been purchasing in the colonial district, as well. Our favourite Magnum Bars tripled in price!

We had a restaurant in mind that we’d looked up earlier and heard was one of the best in Lima. It’s called Panchita, and after getting lost several times in our search for it and constantly asking strangers for directions, we finally turned down the right street and entered.

The layout inside is wide and open and the staff were all very welcoming. We got a seat in a room towards the rear, slightly elevated from the main area so we could see the entire restaurant from where we were sitting. The menu had a number of delicious-looking options…lots and lots of meat.

For an appetizer we got two different kinds of sausages. I can’t remember the name of the first one, but it was more of a “standard” kind of spiced sausage, something many of us would be more used to in terms of taste and texture. The second one was a blood sausage. The taste was far more unique, in my opinion, and something that took a little getting used to. It was very gamey and I had to take small bites to really enjoy it. When we saw it on the menu, though, we had to get it for its uniqueness. For our mains, Teresa got a pork chop dish with a roasted apple and I got a stew with mashed potatoes. The food was delicious and the portion sizes were massive; we were both stuffed by the end of the meal.


We sipped on our glasses of wine for a bit before heading out to explore Miraflores a little more. Eventually, we hopped into a cab and headed back to the colonial district, to 1900 Backpackers Hostel. It’s surreal that I’m still covering this trip because I thought I’d wrapped it up months ago. When I realized I had missed out, I knew I had to sit down and give the experience some literary love. To Peru’s final days!

27 thoughts on “The Lost Day in Lima: Miraflores

  1. In Peru cool. Could you just list the places where you have been (states) I am getting lost, when have you been in Indonesia relative to this trip? Or could you please send me link to some post where you explain this 😀 … great post though, you are beautiful couple, did you ask some people to make those images at the table?

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    • Haha yeah some people get confused as to where I currently am/where I’ve been. My “About” page should explain it, but long story short, I was in Southeast Asia for 6 months in 2013, 7 countries plus New Zealand the last two weeks. Peru was March-April 2015 and I just happened to forget to write about this part of the trip. Road trip to Boston in May 2015 which I’ll be writing about soon, the Philippines in September 2015 (my first time there, missed out first time around in 2013). Currently living in Toronto and will be flying to Amsterdam March 31st. While in Europe I plan to visit Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden (in addition to the Netherlands).

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    • Hahaha I know that’s a funny way to look at it. The fact is Teresa and I almost never see romantic comedies or anything like that. I guess I’m lucky, she prefers to watch those kinds of movies on her Ipad next to me while I’m playing video games. I’ve got it made! 😉


    • Lol yeah even though we’ve been around quite a bit now, this was only our second backpacking trip, the first one lasting 6 months . We realized we can pack quite a bit in a 35 litre backpack so each decided to bring one pair of “fancy” clothes for a possible night on the town!


  2. Wonderful trip and interesting sausage 😀

    By the way, when will you come to Japan for a trip XD?
    Japan is pleasant to spend on April and May.
    Japanese food is really beautiful, and is delicious and amazing!!
    The Japanese does not discriminate against people in religion or the roots.
    Japanese and Japanese policeofficer and etc.. will be kind for all tourists and be safely.
    Welcome to Japan XD!!!!!

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