Boston Welcomes Us

Boston wasn’t our first road trip but it will certainly go down as one of the most memorable. We left at the beginning of the Victoria Day or May 2-4 weekend as we call it here in Canada (Memorial Day weekend in the United States) in the spring of 2015. We’d heard a lot of amazing things about Boston and decided that the scenic ten hour drive would be more than worth it for the short time we’d be able to really experience the city. A faster route through New York State would likely get us there in around eight hours, but we opted for driving east into the province of Quebec, then south into Vermont and through New Hampshire before emerging into Massachusetts.

The landscape was beautiful, especially in the mid-late spring when all of the leaves had bloomed and everything was a verdant green on either side of the lengthy interstate highways we traversed. Border control was a breeze; the young gentleman who queried us was polite and expedited the process nicely.

Besides the beautiful forestry, we didn’t come across anything of note on our drive besides  what appeared to be a gang of motorcyclists (although on closer observation, they seemed like perfectly law abiding citizens in my opinion, likely just part of an enthusiast club).

Boston 1

We booked a room at the Hilton in Woburn, a suburb just north of Boston. I didn’t realize until soon before we’d departed that the metropolitan area is actually fairly small on a geographic scale compared to Toronto. The surrounding suburbs make up a great deal of the land and population. The city itself was a breeze to get around. In fact, we only ever drove right into downtown on the first night and the last night; every other day we parked at a plaza in the north end and hopped onto the subway, using public transportation to get us around instead of constantly having to worry about parking and burning through gas.

Having departed well before morning rush hour in Toronto to try and get an evening out of our first night, we were able to make it into Boston for dinner after checking into our hotel, doing our best to navigate around this new and uncharted (by us) territory.

We’d booked a reservation on Open Table at Atlantic Fish Company on Boylston Street in the heart of downtown. One thing we were certain of before coming here was that we were going to try as much fresh seafood as we could get our hands on. Boston didn’t disappoint whatsoever.

Boston 3Boston 4Boston 5Boston 7

We were privileged with a nice patio seat outside and despite the cool nighttime air, we were dressed just warmly enough in conjunction with the outdoor heat lamps to remain completely comfortable while we enjoyed our delicious meals. The taste was as inviting as the presentation.

Boston 2

That evening, we decided to walk around the city, absorbing the sights and sounds. The architecture is more similar to the old world style compared to a lot of what we’re used to in Toronto. There’s so much history in Boston that I won’t go into at this very moment, but it’s certainly reflected in the buildings, churches, and monuments that dot so many corners of each and every intersection.

Boston 6

I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and experience the city in the bright light of daytime. For now, though, we had a parking pass till around midnight; we took the evening to check out some of the quieter residential streets of Boston’s quaint downtown neighbourhoods.

The first thing on our minds when visiting a new town or city is almost always the food. We’d started with cuisine and we’d be enjoying it throughout the entirety of this short trip. As we settled in for the evening, though, thoughts flitted through my mind of how much more Boston would have to offer us this weekend. The following day we would truly begin to immerse ourselves in the culture of this beautiful and historic city.

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