A Gesture of Friendship: The Amazon to Copenhagen

A blank sleight ahead: one of the most exciting things about travel. Upon every reminiscence of my adventures, I envy the man of the past who isn’t yet fully aware of the excitement and joy that lies before him. That was me as Teresa and I boarded a plane at Schipol International Airport on the outskirts of Amsterdam that would take us a short distance northeast to the Danish capital and the jumping off point for one of the most memorable and enjoyable portions of any trip we’ve ever undertaken.

I may not have known exactly what was in store for us in Copenhagen and beyond, but I knew we’d be well taken care of. Last April, while hiking the Peruvian Amazon, Teresa and I met two of the coolest people who we would quickly befriend. Maria, a young Danish lady, and her then seven-year-old son Margus have the most admirable mentality when it comes to our perspective of travel, and life as a whole. Together they wish to see the world, experience culture they aren’t necessarily used to, and put themselves through a level of discomfort that most of us, travellers included, either couldn’t or wouldn’t, all for the sake of broadening their minds and garnering a new understanding of our vast globe. These are our kind of people.

Towards the end of our days-long Amazonian trek, Maria and Margus would head deeper into the jungle than Teresa and I had time for. Before they continued on, Maria wrote us a letter expressing our collective friendship and extending an invitation to her home country of Denmark should we ever happen to be in this particular global neighbourhood. It just so happened that this year we’d be heading right over to the gateway of Scandinavia for the second leg of our incredible European adventure.

Maria and Margus searched Copenhagen Airport for a Canadian flag to greet us with but, as is the case in so many places I’ve seen world flags hung up or available for purchase, Canada always seems to be forgotten. So instead, they found a Danish flag with which to welcome us to their beautiful country. Teresa and I felt the warmth of this welcome the moment we saw them. It was surreal to be greeted by two people in northern Europe whom we’d met in the humid jungles of South America.

The four of us hopped on the train and got off at Københavns Hovedbanegård, or Copenhagen Central Station where we then took a short bus ride to a quaint area sort of wedged between downtown and the famed Frederiksberg area where the Carlsberg brewery, Copenhagen zoo, and acre upon acre of spanning parklands call home.


That evening, Maria prepared us an amazing pasta dinner in her beautiful apartment. She leant us her bedroom for the three nights we’d be staying where some delicious Danish chocolate lay that her and Margus had graciously shopped for ahead of time. Of course, for it to be truly Danish it had to have some sort of liquorice in it. The Danish love their intensely strong liquorice, a flavour I’ve enjoyed here and there in my youth and which Teresa absolutely hates. But of course, as with all of our travels, she had to try the strongest variety Maria had in her house just to see what it was like.

We had several days of exploring ahead of us which was made exponentially better with our lovely local guide/friend and her awesome son showing us around their hometown. I truly didn’t know what to expect and, as with our Europe trip up to this point, would be pleasantly enthralled at what this historic city and the mesmerizingly gorgeous surrounding countryside would have to offer us.


23 thoughts on “A Gesture of Friendship: The Amazon to Copenhagen

  1. Never been to Amsterdam, but I have loved my trip to the Amazon Jungle. We stayed in cabana in the middle of the jungle and sucked all of it in. The noises, the food, the people. I absolutely agree. We find friendships in the most unlikely of places. 🙂

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  2. You and Teresa seem to have had the good fortune of meeting many incredible people in your travels. Also, I can’t help but wonder what sort of person Margus will grow into? Meeting so many different people and experiencing so many different ways of viewing the world will doubtless have an impact on his development, and I’m of the opinion that it will be a good one.

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