Copenhagen, Roskilde, Borup: A Three-Pronged Anniversary

Teresa and I awoke in Copenhagen on April 15th, 2016 for our six year anniversary. We didn’t stay long as we had our last breakfast with Maria on this trip before saying our goodbyes and taking off in our new rental semi-automatic Kia towards Roskilde, not far west of the capital. We asked for Vikings and this is the direction in which we were pointed.

The town is small and quaint; it takes no time at all to explore most of it. We parked near the centre and scoped the scene for a place to have lunch before taking off to our B&B for the evening. We found a little café down a lane called Algade that somewhat bisects the perimeter of the inner part of town. After enjoying a couple of chicken Caesar wraps, the weather was starting to get pretty dicey. We made a last attempt to exchange my remaining Euros into Danish krone, to no avail, so I decided to simply hang on to them and bite the slight loss I’d inevitably take upon spending it.

Our B&B was a dozen or so kilometres west of Roskilde, out in the countryside amidst acre upon acre of spanning verdant farmland. In the tiny village of Borup rests Borup Bed and Breakfast, owned by a nice elderly couple. The house is beautiful and visitors get the entire upstairs to themselves. The husband, Bent, is a cheerful and honestly hilarious guy. He sings for a church band and immediately engaged Teresa and I with stories of his “fame”, obviously joking and making fun of himself as the area is home to only a few hundred residents. Borup itself couldn’t have consisted of more than a dozen buildings or so, with other small communities dotted around it in every direction, and endless agricultural plots weaving through them all. It was a wonderful, peaceful place to stay.




That evening, Teresa and I cleaned up and headed out, back to Roskilde, for our anniversary dinner. We found this great place called Pipers Hus. Each and every course was incredible. For our mains, I enjoyed a beef and barley stew with broccoli and cucumbers. Teresa had a combination of appetizers as her main: a creamy, cheesy chowder and a smoked salmon tartar. For dessert we ordered ourselves a nice cheese and cracker platter, followed by two of the best dishes I’ve ever enjoyed, dessert or otherwise. Teresa got a poached purple pear with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream, and a cinnamon roll on this beautiful honey sauce. I got a layered crème brulée, the bottom layer being a delicious apple filling, essentially the innards of an apple pie underneath the custardy cream. I swear my eyes wouldn’t stay open for each and every bite I took. Best desserts ever.


danish anny 6

danish anny 1danish anny 2


That evening, we enjoyed a chill night on the couch in the den area before heading off to bed. In the morning, Bent brought us our huge breakfast platter, everything a person could ask for. A medley of cheeses and meats, fresh buns and a variety of spreads, a hardboiled egg, yogurt, orange juice, and this interesting pasteurized goat-milk product that has a strong and almost dry taste to it. It’s what you see in the white carton on the left. Bent assured us it was a very authentic Danish drink to have for breakfast so we were all for giving it a go.


Teresa and I have celebrated different occasions abroad before, but this is the first time we’ve had our anniversary fall during one of our trips. We were so caught up in enjoying the trip itself that we didn’t think too much about it until a few days before. It’s been close to six and a half years now and I think that the love we share for different parts of the world, for exploring, and for doing our best to get the most out of our travels is what’s kept us as strong as we’ve been. People who don’t know us are often surprised that we aren’t in the first year or two of our relationship because the dynamic is still very playful and vibrant. I consider myself privileged in this way more than any other, to have found a partner who can’t help but share in what each of us loves most, and how that affects the way we project ourselves to one another, and to the world that we wish to see as much of as possible.

25 thoughts on “Copenhagen, Roskilde, Borup: A Three-Pronged Anniversary

  1. Congratulations to both of you! You’re a great looking couple who obviously belong together. And what a great trip! My wife and I are planning a European romp in the next year or so. This November we head out for Japan to see her family–she’s from Osaka. Japan is my second home. I love it.

    But back to Europe. We’re thinking of Northern Europe. Amsterdam…especially Amsterdam. I’m a museum freak! I gotta get to the Rijksmuseum…Vermeer and Renoir…just follow the art. And definitely Copenhagen, and Oslo, and well, it never stops…

    Great post, and again, Congratulations and Happy Travelling!

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    • That sounds amazing Paul! Teresa and I have talked about a visit to Japan as well. All of the places in Europe you’re mentioning are awesome, especially amsterdam. It’s definitely the place to go if you love museums, you can’t walk down a street or canal without coming across one.

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  2. It’s so great to have a wonderful travel partner! And it’s even better when it is your significant other. You guys do seem to have a wonderful time together. There is no shortage of genuine smiles. Cheers! (PS. The cheese plate looks delish.)

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